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Henry Walker Homes has affordable new homes in Utah in our amazing communities


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A decision like building or designing your house is a big one to leave up to just anyone. That is why you need professionals you can trust to help your dream come true. Finding your dream home is Henry Walkers first priority, whether it is with our already available, ready to move in homes in Utah or your vision that we can help come to life. Building a house with us is easy! We have been in the industry for over 50 years. Leave it up to us to do all the hard work, the process of building your affordable dream house is with ease.


 Fun and Safe Communities

 With each Henry Walker Home built in Utah, there aren't just neighbors. We build a strong community. The gorgeous communities we build are located in different counties in Utah. Those Counties include, Morgan County, Davis County, Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Southern Utah.

 What better time is there to buy a home? With the house sales of Henry Walker homes in Utah continually on the rise, it the perfect time to get your affordable dream house now. Once you build a home with us, you become part of the Henry Walker Home family. Building a house is a huge investment for people. Here at Henry Walker, we know this and that is why our home builders, the best in the state, are always striving to build the best communities for our Henry Walker family.


Amazing Floor Plans

While building with us, we have amazing floor plans you will love. Finding your dream house is no where near impossible with Henry Walker. We have a few 'Parade of Homes' here in Utah. The floor plans we build are combined with elegance with the twist of modern style. Your style, is our style. Building your dream house with us will leave you wanted to build more! If you'd like, you get to decide on all the personalized details to your house from the drawing board. From paint colors to rooflines, it's all up to you. We guarantee a gorgeous house to your likings. Every home we build is unique. Whether we build it or you design it, it's affordable and you will every part of it. 

For more information on what Henry Walker has to offer email us at For the corporate office in Centerville call (801) 677-1600 For the southern Utah Division call (435) 275-2901